No matter where you end
up, always have these fire
starting tools with you. 
FREE today! 



  • Start a fire anywhere using concealed fire-starting
    tools worn right on your shoes
  • Laces made of 550-pound paracord with built-in ferro rods
  • Includes 2 striker blades; strike against ferro rods to make fire! 

Never worry about remembering to pack a lighter or matches again with the amazing Fire Laces on your feet. These one-of-a-kind shoelaces are very stealthy and include everything you need to start a fire! The Fire Laces are ideal for hiking, camping, survival, emergency situations and more.

Starting a Fire With The Laces

Be sitting by a warm and toasty fire in no time by using your Fire Laces. Even if you're stranded outdoors, the tools to make a fire are always with you with the Fire Laces! Start a fire in 3 simple steps...

  • 1. Remove the waterproof rubber caps protecting the built-in ferro rods of the Fire Laces.
  • 2. Strike the exposed ferro rod with one of the included striker blades to produce a shower of hot sparks in seconds.
  • 3. Have tinder ready to catch the shower of sparks and now you have fire!

Strike the steel striker blade against the ferro rod for instant sparks!  

Your friends will be amazed!


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